Thursday, December 3, 2009

Place a Right Bid & Win a Freelance Project

When you become a member of any freelance service marketplace, the first question that strikes your mind is how to place a right bid, and what price should I quote to win a freelance project ?

The thumb rule is to think, analyze, calculate and then bid for a particular project. However, the rate may vary from person to person depending on the expertise, experience and geography. Here, we have put some of the general considerations that you should keep in mind before bidding on a project.

1. Nature of the project- Evaluate what type of project you are bidding on, understand the requirements of the project as how much working hours, resources and funds you would be needing in completing it seamlessly.

2. Compare your cost with the client’s budget- After evaluating the requirements of the project, look for the budget mentioned for that particular project. See if it is as per your expectations or will it meet the expenses you would incur to complete the project.

3. Deadline & Complexity- Check the timelines defined for the project you are bidding on. If the deadline is strict, you may need to invest more time, resources, or take extra help to complete it on time. You must take these factors into consideration before fixing a price for a bid.

4. Investigate competition rates- To stay competitive and in demand, you must keep a track of what people of similar expertise and experience are charging. Research extensively on the Internet, read surveys and blogs on freelance rates etc. Search for similar profiles on the freelance job websites to understand the current market trends and prevailing standard rates.

5. Take OpinionAsk your friends, old business associates in the similar domain about the current market rates as this will give a fair idea on what price you should quote on a particular project.

6. Follow the middle path- It is recommended to follow the middle path, don’t charge too high and don’t charge too low as this will directly affect your credibility in the market. Justify your job by charging what you are worth for.

7. Be flexible with rates- If a particular expertise is in demand, the rates will automatically rise and if the demand is low the prices will fall. Hence, it is important to re-evaluate or readjust your rates as per the market demand. Also, there is no harm in negotiating with the client on the rates as you should not be too rigid about what you quoted.

Use these tips and ideas to plan out your freelancing rates and increase your chances of winning a project.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to make money online?

In times of economic slowdown finding more avenues to earn extra income is a must to meet daily necessities of life. The World Wide Web offers several ways to make extra money online that not only increases earnings but also help in building identity online.

Here are some quick online options to make money online:

1.Offer services- With emergence of online services marketplaces such as LimeExchange, Elance, oDesk, guru etc. anyone can easily find projects from small and large companies around the globe and earn more money. A professional can get paid for his expert skills in varied categories ranging from writing & Translation, graphics design, software programming to audio/ video, multimedia, services etc.

2.Referral programs-
This can be a good option to make money online! On referring friends, family members, colleagues, business associates, clients etc. to a website running referral program anyone can earn money. There are many websites which offer good affiliate programs for referring connections and more earning opportunities on each activity your referral activity.

3.Writing- Content rules the web; hence the writers are always in demand and are offered good money as well. Writing articles, blogs, review and comments for companies looking to promote their services on the web can help in making more money online. Starting a personal blog and updating it regularly will not only increase the chances of making money but also help in establishing online identity.

4.Earn through blog / website-
Having a personal blog/ website can help in making money online. There are many companies which provide their customized widgets, banners, anchor links and RSS feeds to place on the website/ blog and reward the owner for that.

5.Google Adsense-
Google Adsense can be one of the best resources to earn extra money online. Google Adsense is basically an advertising program in which website or blog owners place Google advertisements on their websites and get paid from every click on the advertisement.

Here are some guidelines to follow before placing affiliate widgets or Google Adsense:

•Generate lots of traffic on the website or blog as this is the most essential guideline for everyone. With more traffic, there will be many people coming to the website and this will result in more clicks on the widgets and increase earnings.

•Always place the widgets on the top of the web page as it catches more attention and increase the possibility of more clicks.

•Customize a widget/ advertisement matching the website theme, color font as this will make the website look professional and attractive.

6.Online contests and surveys-
Taking out a little extra time after work and participating in surveys and online contests can help in making more money online. There many websites that run online surveys or contest and pay for filling/ taking each survey or contest.

7.Sell stock images- A good photographer or designer have a chance to make money online.. There are many stock image websites that buy images and pay per photo download to a percentage of the commission on special photos. It is not only fast but repetitive money making option.

8.Research- Anyone who is working as a researcher can make money online. Extensive research on the internet on a particular domain where more research information is required can help in opening new avenue to earn money. Find the best resources on the Internet, compile them and make a comprehensive data and, sell to companies seeking such information. Many companies require such data to generate leads for their business.

Please add your suggestions .

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freelancers Have Choice of Making Money Online

Everyone thinks of how to earn more money. And if you can do that sitting in the comfort of your home, online… what else can you ask for?

There are a few online earning options:

1. Offer your services

If you have a specialized skillset, you can encash it by working on freelance projects. With emergence of online services marketplaces, you can easily find freelance projects from small and large companies around the globe and earn more money. You can get paid for your professional capabilities in varied categories ranging from Writing & Translation, Graphics Design, and Software Programming to Audio/Video, Multimedia, Services etc.

2. Join referral programs

If you like building networks, then this can be a good option for you. You can be affiliate of a company and refer its product or services to your friends, relatives, colleagues, business associates, clients etc. You earn money for each referral you bring in. You get more money on each activity your referral performs on the platform.

3. Capitalize on your blog or website

If you own a blog or a website you can monetize it. Write product reviews, earn through affiliate marketing, or from banner advertising. But the prerequisites for earning through the above mentioned channels are rich content and good traffic. It is recommended to add valuable content to your site and keep it fresh. You can use banners and widgets on your blogs & website and earn by promoting various companies portal.

4. Take online contests and surveys

Another option is that you can easily make extra money is taking surveys and participating in online contests. There are many websites that run online surveys or contest. It helps companies to get real time feedbacks from prospects & end users of their products/services and you a chance to win attractive prizes or earn cash rewards.

Try out these above mentioned ways to add some more cash to your wallet.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Get freelance writing projects online

Gone is the time where one who was having writing tactics uses to toddle here & there for the search of the job. With the urge of internet revolution ,working & earning money online is growing day by day. There are several global marketplaces that provide freelance writing projects for those who have passion of writing.

The various freelance writing projects can be corporate blogging, technical writing, website content, business plans, blog writing, article writing, translation, editing etc. The freelance writer can register & update their profile on various freelancing sites with their experiences .After registering they can bid upon the projects available. After bidding freelancer can earn the project which he /she needs to complete within the given range of the period.

So freelance writers can begin with the following options: There is no signup fee and no monthly fee. The Freelancer can browse the list of projects posted by project creator Script Lance notifies by sending mails anytime a new project is posted that fits under expertise. Then a writer can decide to place a bid on the project, as well as provide details of the work. When the project creator chooses the bidder, the bidder will be notified. There is no fee for the registration. The freelance writer can find & bid upon the projects which he /she is capable of completing. The category under which he /she can find the project is writing & translation which includes projects related to writing blogs, article, copywriting, editing, translation etc. He/she will be notified with the email alert receive projects matching the specified criterion based on notification preference i.e. Daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. This is also one of the most popular online marketplaces. The freelance writer is required to register for bidding on the project. After registering, the freelance writer can update the profile .He /she can bid upon the project depending upon the budget of the project & number of connects available depending upon membership plan. Like others the Sign up process is free. The writer can find jobs
(hourly/fixed price job) under the writing & translation category. Here also the email alerts for job for the preferred category can be set. Odesk sets a limit, known as a quota, on the number of job applications one can submit. Registration is the first & foremost requirement every where. Followed by registration freelancers are required to update the profile. The Writing &translation category is available under the creative arts head. Under the Get Work menu option, select "Search for Projects “to find the projects. He /she can set alerts for the required field of the project.

There are many options available for a freelance writers to work & earn money sitting at home which provides the option to work of choice & with freedom.

Hope this article will help the freelance writers to get the projects to work for.
Please provide the suggestions & feedback for the same.

I phone applications for freelancers

The iPhone has become the buzzword of technology world. Everyone desires to have this phone in their hands, especially freelancers who work from anywhere across the globe. With the help of these gadgets, it has become easier to communicate and collaborate effectively with clients, customers etc.

By installing these applications freelancers can actually save time, money, and also enhance their productivity. There are hundreds of iphone applications available.

Below are some of the important applications which a freelancer can use:

1. Design Applications: Under this various application like Ruler, CliqCliq Colors, palettes,FTP on the go ,pixelpipe etc helps the freelancer to take measurement, choose colors, creating number of palettes in different shades, Create ,download & edit files at any time,photosharing etc .

2. Writing applications: This is the most important application which is used by everyone whether he /she is freelancer or not .Some applications are typepad, wordpress, shapewriter, etc. with these applications email can be sent ,even can have access to the Wikipedia .Wordpress &typepad are the blog applications which a blogger would always like to use.

3. Online billing &payment application: Paper free billings, IbillTo, Paypal, Transaction, and Mint are some of the billing &payment applications .These applications are used to sent &receive invoices, for making credit card payment, for checking account balances etc.These applications simplifies the worries of the freelancer for which he is often worried.

4. Social networking application: As social networking is increasing day by day, everyone would like to have this application on their phones. The various social networking applications are shozu, brightkite, Bookmarks, tweetie. Shozu allows connecting over 40 social networking services. They can easily upload photos to these websites, post comment on other users’ profiles, and send status updates.

Last but not the least I phone applications also supports task management. Things, reQall, Omnifocus, Zenbelists, checklists are some of its applications through which reminders can be set, schedule tasks in short works as task manager.

I hope this blog will help to install these applications to communicate &collaborate effectively with the clients .Please provide feedback & suggestions for the same.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Find SEO/ SEM Projects

Each site works differently but generally they provide a place where they can find SEO experts, and can post their requirement easily.

Following are the few sites where one can start freelancing: Limeexchange, a fastest growing online services marketplace, provides an online work place to maximize value for both service providers and buyers. There is good number of projects of SEO/SEM projects available in the Web development category. One can register for Free. It offers excellent features including powerful collaboration tools, online skill tests, education and credential verification.He /she can add SEO tags which can be displayed on the profile page to increase visibility and can attract more buyers to your profile. It is another popular online service marketplace where employers connect with freelancers across the globe. Freelancers seeking work, register as free members or as subscribing members. In addition, Employers and Freelancers can take advantage of's Safe Pay Escrow and Dispute Resolution services which reduces transaction risks. The SEO’s can find SEO/SEM projects under the category Websites & Ecommerce. They can submit proposal for bidding any project. Elance is the most widely used application for services and contractor management. To be a member one need to signup .The provider can also find jobs using RSS feeds. Some of the features Elance offer features like Elance University, workroom feature to communicate with the employer. There is a chat &call facility as well .The SEO/SEM projects are available under web &programming. Odesk lets both businesses and professionals overcome the challenges of distance to build online teams, integrated with in-house staff that rewards both employers and contractor. The Odesk serves various features like Community forums, Skill tests, groups etc. Odesk works under various categories like web development, Software development etc.The SEO/SEM projects are available under sales & marketing category.

These are the few places where a service seeker can bid on the projects.

Hope you like reading the article. Please provide the feedback for the same.

Find Freelance Data entry Projects

With the current downturn of the economy, finding home based businesses has become very popular among the mass. There really are opportunities available that will allow one to make money while sitting at home. Data entry jobs from home are probably the most searched for work at home opportunities online but finding them is the trick. There are many options available online.

With a number of information systems requiring a constant flow of data, data entry doesn’t necessarily have to take place in an office or workplace. Kinds of data entry work available online are entering data in excel, Video Upload to various sites, Data entry on Shopping cart, Data entry on CMS, On line form filling, PDF create from Word, Excel etc,Email Extraction, Data Extraction. The payment to freelancer can be hourly basis, day basis, weekly basis, or on contract basis.

Few are the online marketplaces that provide Data entry projects online:

• GetAFreelancer is an online job marketplace that provides a means for employers and freelancers around the globe to collaborate for mutual benefit. Joining GetAFreelancer is free. Although anyone can browse the projects, posting projects and bidding are restricted to registered members. After registering one can find data entry jobs under Browse Projects tab.

• LimeExchange is a Global online marketplace also enables service providers to acquire quality projects across various categories. Intuitive tools for communication and collaboration help smooth execution of projects. Followed by free registration one can find freelance data entry jobs under the services category. User can also use Advanced Search feature for enhanced search criteria like budget range, bidding end date etc.

• ODesk is known for comprehensive management tools, and a flexible hourly payment model. This website also offers various data entry projects. Administrative Support is one of the fastest growing categories of work on oDesk. This includes data entry professionals, personal assistants, researchers, email response handlers, accountants/book keepers, and online order processing.

• Elance delivers an immediate, cost-effective and flexible way to find, hire, manage and pay independent professionals and contractors online. One can find data entry projects under the category Admin support. Registration on is also free.

I Hope this article will help you find the freelance data entry projects. Please enlighten me with Your suggestions & feedback for the same.