Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to make money online?

In times of economic slowdown finding more avenues to earn extra income is a must to meet daily necessities of life. The World Wide Web offers several ways to make extra money online that not only increases earnings but also help in building identity online.

Here are some quick online options to make money online:

1.Offer services- With emergence of online services marketplaces such as LimeExchange, Elance, oDesk, guru etc. anyone can easily find projects from small and large companies around the globe and earn more money. A professional can get paid for his expert skills in varied categories ranging from writing & Translation, graphics design, software programming to audio/ video, multimedia, services etc.

2.Referral programs-
This can be a good option to make money online! On referring friends, family members, colleagues, business associates, clients etc. to a website running referral program anyone can earn money. There are many websites which offer good affiliate programs for referring connections and more earning opportunities on each activity your referral activity.

3.Writing- Content rules the web; hence the writers are always in demand and are offered good money as well. Writing articles, blogs, review and comments for companies looking to promote their services on the web can help in making more money online. Starting a personal blog and updating it regularly will not only increase the chances of making money but also help in establishing online identity.

4.Earn through blog / website-
Having a personal blog/ website can help in making money online. There are many companies which provide their customized widgets, banners, anchor links and RSS feeds to place on the website/ blog and reward the owner for that.

5.Google Adsense-
Google Adsense can be one of the best resources to earn extra money online. Google Adsense is basically an advertising program in which website or blog owners place Google advertisements on their websites and get paid from every click on the advertisement.

Here are some guidelines to follow before placing affiliate widgets or Google Adsense:

•Generate lots of traffic on the website or blog as this is the most essential guideline for everyone. With more traffic, there will be many people coming to the website and this will result in more clicks on the widgets and increase earnings.

•Always place the widgets on the top of the web page as it catches more attention and increase the possibility of more clicks.

•Customize a widget/ advertisement matching the website theme, color font as this will make the website look professional and attractive.

6.Online contests and surveys-
Taking out a little extra time after work and participating in surveys and online contests can help in making more money online. There many websites that run online surveys or contest and pay for filling/ taking each survey or contest.

7.Sell stock images- A good photographer or designer have a chance to make money online.. There are many stock image websites that buy images and pay per photo download to a percentage of the commission on special photos. It is not only fast but repetitive money making option.

8.Research- Anyone who is working as a researcher can make money online. Extensive research on the internet on a particular domain where more research information is required can help in opening new avenue to earn money. Find the best resources on the Internet, compile them and make a comprehensive data and, sell to companies seeking such information. Many companies require such data to generate leads for their business.

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