Monday, October 5, 2009

I phone applications for freelancers

The iPhone has become the buzzword of technology world. Everyone desires to have this phone in their hands, especially freelancers who work from anywhere across the globe. With the help of these gadgets, it has become easier to communicate and collaborate effectively with clients, customers etc.

By installing these applications freelancers can actually save time, money, and also enhance their productivity. There are hundreds of iphone applications available.

Below are some of the important applications which a freelancer can use:

1. Design Applications: Under this various application like Ruler, CliqCliq Colors, palettes,FTP on the go ,pixelpipe etc helps the freelancer to take measurement, choose colors, creating number of palettes in different shades, Create ,download & edit files at any time,photosharing etc .

2. Writing applications: This is the most important application which is used by everyone whether he /she is freelancer or not .Some applications are typepad, wordpress, shapewriter, etc. with these applications email can be sent ,even can have access to the Wikipedia .Wordpress &typepad are the blog applications which a blogger would always like to use.

3. Online billing &payment application: Paper free billings, IbillTo, Paypal, Transaction, and Mint are some of the billing &payment applications .These applications are used to sent &receive invoices, for making credit card payment, for checking account balances etc.These applications simplifies the worries of the freelancer for which he is often worried.

4. Social networking application: As social networking is increasing day by day, everyone would like to have this application on their phones. The various social networking applications are shozu, brightkite, Bookmarks, tweetie. Shozu allows connecting over 40 social networking services. They can easily upload photos to these websites, post comment on other users’ profiles, and send status updates.

Last but not the least I phone applications also supports task management. Things, reQall, Omnifocus, Zenbelists, checklists are some of its applications through which reminders can be set, schedule tasks in short works as task manager.

I hope this blog will help to install these applications to communicate &collaborate effectively with the clients .Please provide feedback & suggestions for the same.

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