Monday, October 5, 2009

Get freelance writing projects online

Gone is the time where one who was having writing tactics uses to toddle here & there for the search of the job. With the urge of internet revolution ,working & earning money online is growing day by day. There are several global marketplaces that provide freelance writing projects for those who have passion of writing.

The various freelance writing projects can be corporate blogging, technical writing, website content, business plans, blog writing, article writing, translation, editing etc. The freelance writer can register & update their profile on various freelancing sites with their experiences .After registering they can bid upon the projects available. After bidding freelancer can earn the project which he /she needs to complete within the given range of the period.

So freelance writers can begin with the following options: There is no signup fee and no monthly fee. The Freelancer can browse the list of projects posted by project creator Script Lance notifies by sending mails anytime a new project is posted that fits under expertise. Then a writer can decide to place a bid on the project, as well as provide details of the work. When the project creator chooses the bidder, the bidder will be notified. There is no fee for the registration. The freelance writer can find & bid upon the projects which he /she is capable of completing. The category under which he /she can find the project is writing & translation which includes projects related to writing blogs, article, copywriting, editing, translation etc. He/she will be notified with the email alert receive projects matching the specified criterion based on notification preference i.e. Daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. This is also one of the most popular online marketplaces. The freelance writer is required to register for bidding on the project. After registering, the freelance writer can update the profile .He /she can bid upon the project depending upon the budget of the project & number of connects available depending upon membership plan. Like others the Sign up process is free. The writer can find jobs
(hourly/fixed price job) under the writing & translation category. Here also the email alerts for job for the preferred category can be set. Odesk sets a limit, known as a quota, on the number of job applications one can submit. Registration is the first & foremost requirement every where. Followed by registration freelancers are required to update the profile. The Writing &translation category is available under the creative arts head. Under the Get Work menu option, select "Search for Projects “to find the projects. He /she can set alerts for the required field of the project.

There are many options available for a freelance writers to work & earn money sitting at home which provides the option to work of choice & with freedom.

Hope this article will help the freelance writers to get the projects to work for.
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  1. I think limeexchange is no more online. I have used few of the sites like elance, scriptlance. also offers many writing jobs.

  2. Thanks for posting. Good to see opportunities for freelance writers out there. Any idea if the sites you write for perform the off site SEO services for you and get your name out there on the article? Or are they using your work under their name? Just curious how that works. thanks